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Product Development and Manufacturing Services

At One Stack Network, we work with you from the beginning of your project, creating a bespoke product strategy that suits your unique needs. We understand that each project is different and requires a tailored approach.
Our process is designed to help enterprises and startups manufacturing and creating their products quickly and efficiently. Starting each project with defining the comprehensive product specification that outlines the goals, requirements, and constraints of the project. Our team of experienced designers and engineers then move on to product design, developing, validating, and refining designs to arrive to an innovative iconic solution.
Manufacturing team then develop a manufacturing strategy and plan for your product and select the most suitable factory for each part and each process of your product based on project and product details, goals, and conditions.

Product Specification

Each project begins with a comprehensive product specification that outlines the goals, requirements, and constraints of the project. We work closely with the client to blueprint where we are going and determine the path we expect to take.

Product Design

From initial concept to final product design and material selection, our team of designers and engineers develop, validate and refine designs to arrive to an innovative and iconic solution.


At One Stack Network, we are unmatched in our ability to rapidly create functional, highly aesthetic, and refined product prototypes. Regardless of the stage of your idea, our prototyping process is designed to be iterative, allowing us to quickly test and refine concepts until we arrive to a final design that meets your needs.


With more than 500 facilities that span many industrial sectors, your product’s essential production process would be assuredly covered. One stack had carefully selected their industrial partner using a tried-and-true audition method to ensure that our process was technically covered with the necessary tools and expertise.


One Stack Network’s experts conduct thorough on-site and user testing throughout the product manufacturing process to ensure that each step has been completed in accordance with the procedure’s accepted quality standards. Before products are delivered, a final quality control test is carried out to make sure that all requirements have been met.

Benefits of working with One Stack Network

At One Stack Network, we have developed a unique and highly effective product development process that delivers superior results. With over 20 years of experience, we have built a network of over 500 manufacturers, product designers, and R&D professionals, providing our clients with unparalleled product development experience.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your product development to One Stack Network:

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Developing your new product doesn’t have to feel like a white-knuckled ride into the unknown.
Far from it. It can actually be an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

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