About Us

One Stack For Industrial Supplies aspires to become the number one OEM Manufacturer in the region connecting suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, optimizing the productivity and efficiency of the full supply chain


WE MANUFACTURE parts, equipment and machinery based on client specifications through a network of more than 400 suppliers and manufacturers.

WE CUSTOMIZE parts for clients whose specific requirements cannot be met through mainstream market channels. Providing the parts their business demands to run efficiently, at maximum productivity.

WE HELP entrepreneurs, manufacturers and corporations by providing a prototype, or small batches of the required product so that the client can test it for market appeal.

WE ENHANCE your company offerings by providing private label finished products that strengthen your portfolio and give you a competitive edge, saving you the hassle of adding new operations to your business.

Stay Focussed On Your Market Needs And Leave The Hassel Of Production For Us



  • WE DEVELOP a detailed blueprint of your required product in collaboration with our international design partners.


  • WE WORK with the best specialists and consultants across diverse industrial sectors who translate blueprints into designs, while accounting for product development concerns like cost, production, and logistics.


  • WE SERVE our clients through a vast network of over 325 suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.
  • Design: Once design is finalized, a shortlist of suitable service providers is presented.
  • Decision: Supplier capacities are assessed, and a decision is made regarding ordering method.
  • Development: An ordering strategy is developed in which a supplier is selected based on:
    • The required product manufacturing process.
    • The required quantity and available manufacturer capacity.
    • Other technical considerations that ensure product quality and deliverability.


  • WE INVEST our time and effort into every single step of the process.
  • WE FOLLOW-UP continuously, ensuring we are up-to-date on next steps throughout the supply chain, until product is delivered to client.
  • WE REASSURE our clients that production quality aspects are closely monitored, that the highest quality standards are met, and that production is proceeding according to timeline.


One stack develops comprehensive logistics and fulfillment plans for each of your products. Our dedicated customer support representatives have the experience to handle all aspects of your demand forecasting and product distribution. They are with you every step of the way.


Forget the hassle of managing inventory. Our flexible, cost-effective programs are available to help relieve inventory management stresses, to help minimize your product acquisition costs.

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